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Performance Testing

This service is geared toward clients who need to know whether their software system can handle a lot of additional users, higher transaction volumes, and/or more expensive computation. It answers questions like these:

  • Our website generally has 10,000 people logged in during the day.  Will it crash if 100,000 people try to use it after we launch our new marketing campaign?

  • We are a biotech company that takes high-resolution scans of animal tissues and searches the images for features of interest.  When we receive tissue samples from 10 more hospitals next month, will the system be able to process images at a much faster rate?

  • Our Fintech company has an equity trading system.  Next quarter, we expect to offer four times as many stocks and also change our pricing to recognize six digits after the decimal (which is much more computationally intensive).  Will trades take too long to execute?

Performance testing (also known as "load testing") determines a system's performance under real-life load conditions, where many users are simultaneously performing activities.  Its purpose is to identify the maximum operating capacity of an application, the ability of the application to support anticipated peak user levels, and performance bottlenecks that need to be addressed before the application's capacity can be expanded.

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