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 ISTQB Testers


Our Credentials

Our Standards

  • ISO/IEC 29119 – Systems and Software Engineering — Software Testing

  • 9000 ISO – Standards for quality management

  • IEEE 1012 – Standards for verification and validation plans

  • IEEE 1044.1-1995 – Guide to classification of software anomalies

  • ISTQB – International certification for software testing.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team has over 40 years of software development experience across a wide variety of systems and industries. They value efficiency, transparency, and reliability, which means that every client gets five-star treatment.


They have spent their careers building, testing and deploying mission critical systems. They have direct, personal experience in the operational, executive, governance, and shareholder roles, all of which inform different aspects of technical risk assessment.

Dan Spiegel, Chief Technology Officer


Ever since Dan graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Marketing and Business Management in 1996, he has been scaling high-growth technology companies. After years of building large e-commerce sites and data warehousing applications, Dan took responsibility for an analytics platform at Citi that held 40-billion credit card transactions. 


Later, he managed a 16 million-user health records system at Aetna Insurance and oversaw the largest ad exchange outside of the major search engines at AdMarketplace. More recently, Dan's team built an image data analytics platform for pathology at Clarapath. Dan's in-depth and wide-ranging experience with vast, sophisticated software systems, along with his service-oriented mindset, makes him an ideal choice for meeting client's software assessment needs.

Our Tools

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