Our mission is to provide online cyber security training and awareness programs through our proprietary SaaS learning management platform.  Prior to launching our business, Daylight Assessments verified our ability to mobilize and scale by assessing our source code for any quality and cyber security risks, performed load testing to ensure our site could handle future anticipated user traffic levels, and produced architecture documentation to facilitate on-boarding new team members. Their final report provided a comprehensive and detailed technology risk assessment of our platform along with prioritized issues and suggested resolutions to help us scale confidently.

-Michael M., CEO of Ataata.com 

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ABCorp is one of the largest producers of plastic transaction cards in the world.  We have entrusted Daylight Assessments with a number of critical activities, including comprehensive audits of our secure payment applications (including retail bank instant issuance systems installed in thousands of bank branches), our back end card manufacturing pipeline management system, and our customer portal.  These audits have included manual penetration tests, load tests, dynamic analysis, and static/composition analysis.  Additionally, Daylight Assessment’s software developers and systems administrators have augmented our staff when we were short on resources, and their technical writers have back-filled critical missing technical documentation.  Daylight Assessments is an excellent business partner that can be relied on to help with a broad range of needs.  They are super reliable, professional, and responsive, even outside of traditional business hours.

-Douglas J. Savoie, VP of Global Technology Solutions North America


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